Functioning of apartment

The Corvintage apartments is operated by an automated system. Comfort and safety is ensured in the apartment by the magnetic card access control system.

How does it work?


Choose the apartment you like and book easily on our website. After the booking a confirmation will be sent by email with a code you must keep.


The received code can help you to get into the building (Corvin Sétány 3/B) where the apartments are located: Press any key at the automat with a Corvintage logo next to the intercom, then please select language. Enter the 8-digit reservation ID to open the front door.
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After entering the staircase please enter the same access code - next to the entrance on the left - on the inside Corvintage Terminal . Press any button, and enter the 8-digit ID number, and take the card ejected by the machine. From now on you will be able to open the front door and the apartment door with this card.
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Take the elevator to reach your apartment. Next to the apartment's door there is a sensor; put your card to the sensor, so you can open the door and enter the apartment. To use the electronic network, insert the keycard into the console on the wall next to the door.
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Watch our video about entering how to access the apartment.


The apartments can be opened only with the key card, so to enter and access the services you must use the card. In case you lose yours, please call our 24-hour automated customer service phone number +36 30 538 5638.

To use the electronic network, insert the key card into the console on the wall next to the door. This makes possible to turn on the lights, the air conditioning and the WiFi.

We kindly ask our guests to make sure the water taps are not open, and the magnetic card is pulled out from the console on the wall, that the room is unplugged - before leaving.

Before you leave, please leave the magnetic card in the apartment!